covid-19 update

The safety and health of our community, our clients and our dedicated employees is our priority. We are taking the concerns associated with COVID-19 seriously and to protect all members of our community we have adjusted our service delivery. Our intentions are to minimize contact between people and decrease opportunities for exposure while continuing to meet community needs. Some of our programs have been impacted more than others as we have made these changes. 

Building Stable Lives:

  • • Case management is available to all clients and referrals by phone.
  • • Food pantry is active for residents in 37410 for distribution in the parking lot at The Bethlehem Center.
  • • Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Cause Cloth Thrift and Boutique Store:

•  Cause Cloth is open from 11am - 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday.

Center for Family Connections:

  • •  CFC is providing Supervised Visitation in-person and virtually, if needed, and Safe Exchanges will continue to be done in person.
  • •  Parenting classes and Children in Divorce or Separation (CIDS) classes have received judicial approval to hold virtual classes. All classes are virtual and no walk-ins are being accepted at this time.
  • •  Contact [email protected] to register for classes or for more information.

Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing Services:

    American Sign Language Interpreting - 24/7

  • •  Partnership's American Sign Language Interpreters are assisting the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security by providing live interpreting for all Hamilton County COVID-19 updates.
  • •  Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients are continuing to receive services through remote appointments with the Program Manager, Tara Ballard.  Tara can be reached at [email protected]; text/cell at 423.664.3068 or videophone at 423.208.9801.

Elder Services:
•  Case Managers are contacting clients via phone and are continuing to conduct visits for any emergency needs.
•  Care Specialists are continuing home care services with clients. Personal protective equipment is being utilized.
•  Long Term Care Ombudsman is connecting virtually with residents, family member or staff in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and homes for the aged. Facility visits are being approved by the State Ombudsman.
•  RSVP volunteers are continuing to serve the community at their discretion. 
• For additional information contact 423.755.2870.

  • Partnership's Events:
  • • Partnership's fundraising events and activities scheduled for March and April have been canceled or postponed.
  • •  Save the Date! Partnership's Conference has been rescheduled for September 15th, 2020. 

  • River City Youth Collective:
  • • RCYC has suspended face-to-file groups and classes at this time.
  • • Case management and coordination of services for all clients are accessible virtually.
  • • Face to Face, HIPAA compliant, virtual sessions are available for our clients with our therapists.
  • • Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Therapy Services:
•  Online and Telehealth services are currently being offered for those with sexual assault or domestic violence in their backgrounds, for all ages.
•  Online and Telehealth services are also being offered for at risk youth up to age 24.
•  Please call the crisis hotline at 423.755.2700 for a referral.

  • Victim Support Services:
  • • Partnership's Family Violence Shelter has been limiting the number of people in the building to residents and essential staff and continues to provide services to our clients.
  • • The Rape Crisis Center is fully operational, providing all services including onsite forensic exams.
  • • Face to Face, HIPAA compliant, virtual sessions are available for our clients with our therapists.
  • • Our Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline will continue to be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline 
    423.755.2700 or 833.819.4357

Stay updated on COVID-19 at: 

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